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Interested in the caged system for guitar but need something to get you soloing faster?? Look no further! In this lesson I’ll be showing you a much quicker alternative to the caged system for guitar solo stuff!

No need to look for the caged system explained, or just a standard caged system guitar lesson in this particular video…

Because we’re going to explore a totally different system that is much simpler and quicker to pick up than the caged system for guitar!

This lesson will show you how to take some tasty licks, and multiply them, to get you playing all over the fretboard without a shred of caged system practice necessary!

I’ll teach you those tasty licks by breaking them down, piece-by-piece, then I’ll show you exactly how to apply this other system to get you soloing all over the neck.

Once we learn how to traverse the fretboard using the licks with this system, we’ll put them to the ultimate test by playing them to a backing track to see and hear for ourselves how well it all works.

You might just forget about wanting the caged system explained for a little bit 😉

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👆 That Cheat Sheet will take what you just learned and show you how to play it in ANY key! Imagine taking these licks beyond the key we used today and being able to play them in EVERY other key under the sun! That’s what you’ll get when you click that link!

As you’re learning these licks and applying them with this new system that’s a perfect alternative to the caged system for guitar, just remember to take your time and have fun with it!

Maybe even teach it to someone else and pay it forward 🙂

Rock On!
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