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This simple riff, learned in 3 minutes, then played for 3 minutes a day, will make you a better guitarist? You betta believe it!

This simple riff exercise goes beyond just something to practice with, it sounds super cool too! 

I break this simple riff down, piece-by-piece, and show you how to play it across the open low E string at first. Then later on show you how to play it to a metronome and across all the other strings on your guitar. 

Personally, I like to keep my practice sessions interesting and musical, rather than just something to get my fingers going. I also like my ears to be happy with what I’m practicing. That’s why I prefer to teach exercises that don’t appear to be mechanical and are enjoyable for you to play and anyone who happens to listen.

The results you can expect from playing this 3 minute riff are: better pull-offs, faster moving between frets, cleaner alternate picking, and overall tighter synchronization between your fretting and picking hands. Pretty awesome for a simple riff exercise to play for 3 minutes!

Also remember that this simple riff exercise can be played on multiple strings! That’s the beauty of an open string riff, you can play it on any string you want.

Personally I like to cycle between playing the 3 minute riff on the low E and A strings, sometimes jumping up to the high E string for some added excitement. 

Using the metronome is key here, because while this is a simple riff it is important to play it with the proper timing to make it flow as you repeat it over and over again for 3 minutes. 

When running through this simple riff exercise, remember my #1 rule is to have fun with it! Take what you’ve learned today and put it to work, but have fun while you’re doing it. Maybe even teach it to someone else and pay it forward 🙂

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