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Nothing says “Yeah I play guitar!” like a kickass lick, am I right??

This lesson gets straight to the point, I show you how to play a pentatonic lick that flies across the fretboard and will tell everyone around you that you’re a certified guitar player.

I break down this lick, piece by piece, and show you everything you need to know to play it and add it to your arsenal of kickass guitar licks. 

What I love most about the “yeah I play guitar” lick is that it’s very simple to navigate the fretboard with. 

I explain exactly how that works and you’ll be amazed how simple it is compared to how crazy good it sounds.

Now any time someone asks you if you play guitar, you’ll know exactly what to play for them to send the message. They’ll never question you again.

Rock on!
Charlie Wallace
Guitar Mastery Method