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Ready for another workout?? Don’t worry this one will be easy 🙂

It’s really easy to find guitar exercises that are meant to build strength in your fretting hand, which is very important when it comes to playing solos. But you won’t find nearly as many rhythm guitar exercises out there, especially rhythm guitar lessons for beginners.

A sense of rhythm is arguably the most important skill a guitar player should develop first. (Yes, more important than learning scales and how to solo!) Having a strong sense of rhythm is part of the foundation that makes up great guitar players. So consider this guitar rhythm lesson an essential part in your development towards being a great guitar player!

In this guitar rhythm lesson I give you 3 introductory rhythm guitar exercises that cover the most common techniques found in rhythm guitar. Even though this is one of the rhythm guitar lessons for beginners, regardless of what level you are at, the rhythm guitar exercises will be helpful to you!

I’ll break down each of these rhythm guitar exercises for you and show you how to play them yourself. You’ll also be able to play these rhythm guitar exercises along with me during the video. Consider this an interactive guitar rhythm lesson.

Like I mentioned before, just because these are rhythm guitar lessons for beginners doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test your ability with them even if you’re not a beginner. Sometimes we focus on everything EXCEPT rhythm guitar exercises and by the time we’ve made it to the intermediate level, we managed to miss that important part in our guitar skill development!

So don’t let the term “rhythm guitar lessons for beginners” fool you, there could be something you’ve missed in building that strong hand for rhythm guitar!

Once you’ve gotten these rhythm guitar exercises down, I want you to make them a part of your daily practice sessions. You can also use this guitar rhythm lesson to give you ideas on coming up with original songs as well! This kind of thing can go beyond just exercises, they can shape how you make your own music!

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👆 That cheat sheet is a game changer, no matter what level you’re at in guitar. When life sometimes gets in the way of practicing the guitar that we love, you never have to sacrifice your progress. All you need is a guideline on how to use what little time you have to achieve the MAXIMUM results. This cheat sheet will give you that!

When running through these rhythm guitar exercises, remember my #1 rule… HAVE FUN! Take what you’ve learned today and put it to work, but have fun while you’re doing it. Maybe even teach it to someone else and pay it forward 🙂

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