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F BAR CHORD!! Oops… that didn’t sound right…

I meant to say “THE” F bar chord 😅 It’s something else, am I right? Arguably the toughest chord to play if you’re somewhat new to guitar.

I’d also argue that it happens to be the type of chord with the toughest consensus on how to spell it! I mean I’ve seen “bar”, “barre”, and “barr”… and those are all from Wikipedia!

However you choose to spell it, in this video I’m gonna show you how to play the F bar chord in the EASIEST way possible! Consider this a bar chords explained video.

When it comes to guitar bar chords, the F bar chord is easily the most challenging. But my bar chord tips that I share in this video will have you playing the F bar chord with ease. This will be the only bar chords guitar lesson you need to finally conquer that F bar chord.

I’ll show you some sneaky ways to play the F bar chord without having to kill your whole fretting hand right away. Plus it will allow you to quickly and effectively work your way up to playing the full F bar chord.

Once you slay that dragon using my bar chord tips, most others will be no match for your power over guitar bar chords!

I also show you how the F bar chord is really just a chord shape that happens to be in the position that makes it in the key of “F”. All guitar bar chords are, are shapes that are moved and played in different positions on your fretboard. When you take the bar chord shape to a new fret, you have a new bar chord. Pretty cool huh?

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👆 That cheat sheet is a game changer, no matter what level you’re at in guitar. When life sometimes gets in the way of practicing the guitar that we love, you never have to sacrifice your progress. All you need is a guideline on how to use what little time you have to achieve the MAXIMUM results. This cheat sheet will give you that!

Also don’t forget my #1 rule… HAVE FUN! Take what you’ve learned today and put it to work, but have fun while you’re doing it. Maybe even teach it to someone else and pay it forward 🙂

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