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What are true blues guitar licks without some beautiful bends, am I right?

Well in this video I’ll show you 5 beautifully bendy blues guitar licks with tabs you can download at the link above!

Since I’m calling these blues guitar licks, of course they’re derived from the blues pentatonic scale. Particularly the 3rd and 4th positions of the blues pentatonic scale. Same patterns as the regular pentatonic, but with the added flat 5th aka the “blue” note.

I break each of the blues guitar licks down, piece-by-piece and show you the techniques that make these blues guitar licks particularly bendy. There’s gonna be whole step bends, half step bends, ghost bends, blues bends! I threw in every type of bend I could think of with these blues guitar licks.

Bending the strings on your guitar is a very nuanced skill and something that really shows who the serious players are. In the video we’ll go in depth exploring the subtleties of good bending and these 5 blues guitar licks with tabs will get you fluent in the different types of string bending.

As cool as these licks sound on their own, the true test is how they sound when applied to some blues music! So later in the video we put these licks to the test by playing them along to a blues backing track.

Click the link below to get the backing track and try these blues guitar licks out for yourself!

📙 ALSO DON’T FORGET!! Grab your Blues Solo Heatmap for FREE here!

👆 That is going to show how to write killer blues solos of your own and know EXACTLY how to visualize the fretboard to do that. It’ll take all the guesswork out of it for you and you can go STRAIGHT into playing all the right notes for blazin’ blues solos!

Finally I have to remind you of my #1 rule… HAVE FUN! Take what you’ve learned today and put it to work, but have fun while you’re doing it. 🙂

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