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Ready for me to make fingerstyle guitar easy? Then sit tight, because in this video I’ll introduce you to fingerpicking in the SIMPLEST way I’ve ever seen it taught!

Making fingerstyle guitar easy really boils down to two basic concepts, that I’ll explain in the video. We’ll start with an exercise that gets our picking fingers moving and we’ll get acquainted with the moving parts that are involved in playing fingerstyle guitar. 

By building a little foundation in how to move the fingers on your picking hand, that’s the start of making fingerstyle guitar easy and feeling natural over time. In this video I show you literally EVERYTHING you need to know that’ll get you started with fingerpicking. You won’t have to do any more thinking beyond that, just straight up playing as it was meant to be 😉

We’ll take what we learn to do for our picking hand and apply it to a musical piece I wrote up just for you. I’ll break it down, piece-by-piece, and show you how to play it with the proper fingerpicking techniques that we learned. This way you can start your fingerstyle guitar journey by playing stuff that’s actually musical and doesn’t feel so much like an exercise!

Of course I couldn’t help myself and had to include a “bonus challenge” at the end for you daredevils out there. It even showed ME how much more practicing I need to do! Haha

I only recommend you take the challenge once you’re already familiar and comfortable with the foundational stuff we covered before. After all, to make fingerstyle guitar easy you gotta start with what’s easy, then work your way onwards and upwards! But the tab for the challenge is there for you, in the reference material, when you’re ready.  

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👆 That cheat sheet is a game changer, no matter what level you’re at in guitar. When life sometimes gets in the way of practicing the guitar that we love, you never have to sacrifice your progress. All you need is a guideline on how to use what little time you have to achieve the MAXIMUM results. This cheat sheet will show you that!

And just to remind y’all, this is my #1 rule… HAVE FUN! Take what you’ve learned today and put it to work, but have fun while you’re doing it. This is only the beginning. As time goes on YOU’LL be the one making fingerstyle guitar easy and playing all of your favorite fingerpicking songs. Just be sure to pay it forward and teach others what you learned here today 🙂

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