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BURN NOTICE!! Get ready to set fire to your fretboard, because In this video I’ll show you how to play a badass pentatonic scale guitar lick that’ll turn some heads!

I’ll break down each part of the lick into little chunks, and you can think of each of them like their own guitar licks. Put them all together and you’ve got yourself a rippin’ pentatonic scale guitar lick that sends your fingers flying across the fretboard!

As much as we love all the pentatonics, it sometimes can be a challenge to make it sound fresh and new whenever we play them. That’s why I like to “connect the dots” when using the pentatonic scale by playing something made up of little guitar licks that connect the pentatonics together.

In the video I demonstrate how the full lick starts in E minor pentatonic scale open position and takes you all the way up to the higher octave of that same scale starting on the 12th fret.

This kind of pentatonic scale guitar lick will be perfect to bust out over a blues rock backing track in the key of E, or at your next jam with friends. Sometimes I like to play that lick when I’m at my local guitar shop trying out a new axe. It’s my method of testing how well it plays 😉

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And just a friendly reminder of my #1 rule… HAVE FUN! You’re free to steal this lick and use it for jams, in a song, or even if you just want to impress your significant other. So learn this lick at a comfortable pace and have it on deck ready to bust out when you wanna show ‘em what you got!

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