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This lesson is going to be short, sweet, and loaded with shredding guitar!! 🎸🔥

Many of us look at guitar shredding as something the apex predators of the guitar world do. Now whether or not that is true is up for discussion, but we’re here to play guitar am I right?!

In my personal experience as someone who was obsessed with shredding guitar, only to outgrow it, then come right back into again, I truly see the value of having monster shredding guitar chops, whether or not they are useful in your current musical situation.

With that being said, this lesson is designed to get your foot in the door with guitar shredding as an overall technique. Whether you see yourself shredding guitar or not, having these chops make EVERYTHING you play much easier.

If this is your first initiation into the world of shred chops, just know that even though the goal is speed, you gotta start at a pace you are comfortable with (which is often on the slower side) so that you can gradually build up a speed technique you can control at no matter the tempo.

This the seemingly paradoxical reality of playing fast: to start slow. And it works every time.

As long as you practice these shredding guitar riffs with that in mind, your progress will be strong and your resulting speed as a guitarist will last!

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👆 In a matter of minutes that survey will show you exactly what it is that’s been holding you back from progressing with guitar. I don’t want anything standing in the way of getting your guitar shredding in tip-top shape.

Once you find out what your progress killer is, you can tackle it head on and launch your guitar playing to the next level!

Happy Shredding! 🤘🏼
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