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​Looking for some guitar tabs for beginners?? You’re in luck! This’ll be the only video you’ll ever need to get you started. Guaranteed!!

Today I’m gonna show you how to read easy guitar tabs that will INSTANTLY make you familiar with virtually EVERY piece of guitar tab out there in the internet universe!!

In the video we’ll be going over some easy guitar riffs, basic guitar chords and how to read them on tablature sheet music. I’ll also break down each riff and chord, piece by piece!

Looking for guitar tabs for beginners can be overwhelming at first. There are just way too many options out there! But my goal for this video is to give you the ultimate crash course on reading tab so you can go off and learn all your favorite songs as quickly as possible!

We’ll start off with some easy guitar riffs that are fun to play and I’ll break down each one so you can start playing them yourself. We’ll also go over reading the tabs for some basic guitar chords in a progression so you’ll be familiar with reading chords as well.

Speaking of basic guitar chords, here’s the link to that bonus video that’ll help you with moving between chords like a smooth operator:

Another fun part of this video is where we have a go at sight-reading these easy guitar tabs together! If you’re brand new to sight-reading, I recommend that, once you’re comfortable with playing the easy guitar riffs and basic guitar chords, you rewind the video to the parts where we sight-read together and try them out repeatedly until you can play in time with me. The beauty of YouTube is that you can rewind and rewatch the video as many times as you want, so no need to feel any pressure 🙂

Once you’ve gone through learning these guitar tabs, in no time you’ll be picking up songs to play on guitar easy. Just remember to HAVE FUN with it!