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Here’s the link to the backing track used in the video: Backing Track – Pop Rock In E

If you ever want to tug at those heart strings by way of playing the strings, the Major pentatonic scale is the ultimate tool to use.

The best part about playing the Major pentatonic scale is that it contains more melodic and emotive notes, while using the EXACT same finger pattern as its more famous sibling, the minor pentatonic scale.

If you’re much more familiar with the minor pentatonic scale than the Major pentatonic scale, all you need to do is take that same scale pattern, change up what notes you land on, then you have a perfect scale for crafting catchy guitar licks that hit all those prettier notes! Just be sure to watch the part where I show you where to find the E Major pentatonic scale 🙂

By the end of this video you’ll have 4 brand spankin’ new Major pentatonic scale guitar licks to add to your arsenal. Since these guitar licks are all based on the E Major pentatonic scale, they’ll fit perfectly over the provided backing track in E Major.

In the video I’ll break down each of these Major pentatonic scale guitar licks for you, one by one, and cover the techniques necessary that you’ll need to pull these off right.

Fun fact: these guitar licks can work in tandem with the minor pentatonic scale, too! In fact, many blues and rock guitar heroes of the past and present love going back and forth between those two scales. So feel free to try these 4 licks along with playing the e minor pentatonic scale. You just might find some sounds you’ve never heard yourself play before! Just remember my #1 rule, to experiment and HAVE FUN! 🙂

I want you to take these guitar licks and get comfortable enough with them to make ‘em your own. Soon enough you’ll start giving your friends and family the feels when you play for them. And that, my friends, is what music is all about 🙂

Rock On 🤘🏼
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