3 Licks In The Style Of Eric Clapton

3 Licks In The Style Of Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton, one of the greatest guitar players of all time. He may have been called Slowhand, but Clapton was anything but that!

Clapton was the reason I picked up a guitar, and was a huge influence on my own playing, so I'm really excited to bring you this lesson on his playing style!

In this lesson I will show you (at least!) 3 licks in the style of Eric Clapton, that you can learn and use to incorporate into your own playing style.

Eric Clapton is a master of mixing up major and minor pentatonic scales, bending, vibrato, phrasing and memorable guitar licks. Every note he plays has something to say, and that is such an important part of being a truly great guitar player 🙂

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Owen Vickers is a professional guitarist and online guitar teacher (exclusively for Guitar Mastery Method). Owen has played and taught guitar for over 25 years. He spends much of his spare time playing many different sports. He currently lives in his home country of New Zealand.